Telecorsa Bestway Inflatable pool for family 2 meters x 157 x 51 Cm (mixed colors) Inflatable-pool-family-Bestway model (สระน้ำเป่าลม+ไฟฟ้า)

Product details

● Bestway inflatable pool

● The product is a mixed color.

● Made of good quality plastic, special thickness, toughness, high flexibility.

● Strong resistant to use

● Can withstand the impact of water well.

● There are 1 sizes to choose from and air blowers are available in 2 types.

● 2 meters x 157 x 51 Cm

● Welcome summer. can be played by the whole family

● Add more fun for children. by playing with water inflatable swimming pool

***Products are guaranteed in case of leakage, seepage only****

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1. We choose quality products and the most cost-effective price for customers.

2. We have a guarantee for all products. within the period specified by the company

3.Our products Distributed from Thailand only.

4. There is a team to take care of you 365 days.

5. Always willing to give advice about products and services.

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5,000.00 Gram
778.00 BAHT
สระน้ำ สระน้ำเป่าลม+มือ สระน้ำเป่าลม+ไฟฟ้า
Telecorsa ไฟฉาย ไฟคาดหัว
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