Newest XHP160 LED+COB Headlamp Super Bright Head Torch USB Reacharge 18650 Battery Sensor Zoom Headlight Fishing Head Flashlight

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Product details 

-1. Product brand: Paweinuo

-2. Product wick: new HT443

-3. Product LM: 0LM

-4. Wick life: hours

-5. Product lens: High transmittance convex lens

-6. Switch key: button

-7. Light level: 4 modes (strong, medium, flash, COB)

-8. Product material: aviation-grade aluminium alloy+ABS

-9. Product process: electroplating fine sandblasting surface process

-10. Waterproof: IPX6(Life level waterproof)

-11. Product colour: black

-12. Luminous colour: white light

-13. Adjustment angle: 45°

-14. Irradiation distance: 500M~1200M

-15. Battery life: 3~8hours

-16. Charging time: 3~5hours

-17. Charging specifications: USB

-18.Output: 5V 1A (rechargeable mobile phone)

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