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2021-11-02 17:06:45
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Ancient tips, nightmares 

There are tips for solving the nightmare of ancient texts.  

That should be added to the prayer Prayer as follows. 

If dreaming of hair loss, Predict that there will be misfortunes that Have to be solved with pregnant women or stomach women (i.e. telling the woman to listen to the woman saying that "a good dream" will have a fortune) 

If dreaming of being bitten, Predict that it will be in trouble because the enemy Must go to the monks in the temple 

If dreaming of seeing a fire, Predict that it will boil the hot heart to go to the water or remove the water in the river. When waking up in the morning, And asked for blessings from the Virgin To help protect the danger.

If dreaming of dancing or singing, dance will lose the love of solving the dream under the house. Said to the ghost of the ghost 

If dreaming of getting pork or ride, the pig will suffer. 

If dreaming of wearing glasses, I Will be disappointed in various work. 

Suppose dreaming of falling in the toilet bowl. There is only one shock. Predict that 

If dreaming of getting money, Predict whether to be in trouble. Calling the chicken or pig 

If dreaming of falling, Predict the nightmare to lie down in front of the gate. 

If dreaming of riding a horse or cattle, then fall from the horse or cattle. Then, predict how to trouble Must go to solve the dream in the middle, three intersections or intersections, facing the east and the plan. 

If dreaming of swimming across the shore, Predict whether it is difficult or disappointing. Must go to solve the dream with the Buddha or the worship 

If dreaming of riding the boat Will get misfortune must go to solve the dream under the big tree 

If dreaming of having other children to see our milk Predict how to get sick Must go to solve the dream with the elderly Or significant relatives in the house 

If dreaming of walking into the dark cave Will quarrel or lose lovers Must go to solve the dream with the sun or in the sun, In the middle of the river or the canary to translate the plan with the teacher Or highly knowledgeable person Must go to solve the goal on the middle of the bridge and then solve the dream. 

If dreaming of jumping from the high down, Predict how to lose the work with a dream to the house in the house. Or the church 

If dreaming of getting the fragrance of flowers Will have the danger to solve the dream on the bed 

If dreaming of being a neck or neck Will get miscellaneous to solve the dream with Mae Earth 

If dreaming of wading, mud or mud, guessing that he would not be able to make a dream with a big tree 



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