NETA partners with NVIDIA to develop smart vehicles with NVIDIA DRIVE, the latest technology for autonomous driving.

2022-11-06 18:27:02
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NETA has announced a partnership with NVIDIA to develop electric vehicles equipped with the NVIDIA DRIVE Orin in-vehicle computing platform, which is equipped with a newly developed AI system to enhance autonomous driving capabilities. and CEO of NETA Auto, along with NVIDIA Automotive Division General Manager Mr. Liu Tong, recently signed a strategic agreement at NETA's Eco Smart Factory in Tongxiang, China.

Under the agreement, the two companies will work together to design and develop applications that will enhance DRIVE Orin's performance to deliver a more intelligent driving and passenger experience that will spur the development of the DRIVE Orin. The future of the intelligent automotive industry and provide NETA consumers with a safer, smarter and more personal travel experience.

Mr. Zhang Yong, Co-Founder and CEO of NETA said, “NVIDIA is a leader in AI computing, developing innovations for autonomous driving, which NETA sees technological innovation as one of its greatest drivers. in driving the automotive industry forward Cooperating with NVIDIA is an important step for us in the era of new energy vehicles. and this close cooperation will make Strong growth while introducing smart cars equipped with modern technology to the global market.”

Mr. Tong Liu, general manager of NVIDIA China's Automotive Division, said, “AI is critical to building the safest and most advanced cars of the future. When we combine NVIDIA's high-performance DRIVE Orin platform with NETA's R&D capabilities, we will bring a whole new safe driving experience and cabin interaction with smart features to drivers and drivers. passenger"

DRIVE Orin system-on-chip It is the core operating system of intelligent vehicles that can support large-scale computing for automated driving and smart cabins. Delivering up to 254 TOPS (trillion operations per second) of computing performance, the new DRIVE Orin offers an eight-fold increase in performance at the same power consumption. with the original platform, DRIVE Xavier

NETA and NVIDIA will collaborate on the design and development of a centralized cross-domain fusion computing platform for autonomous driving. the car even better,” Mr. Zhang Yong said. More details about future plans will be revealed at a later time.

In September, NETA had total sales of 18,005 vehicles, an increase of 134% compared to the same period last year. and has accumulated sales to date of more than 200,000 units

This collaboration between NETA and NVIDIA, in addition to reflecting the image of NETA's smart car more clearly. It also enhances the intelligent automotive ecosystem of the global automotive industry as well.

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