2023-05-18 18:11:10
#Google AI

During the recent I/O 2023 software developer conference, Google announced the launch of Bard, an expansive conversational AI chatbot, now available in over 180 countries. Bard is similar to OpenAI's ChatGPT and aims to address concerns raised by Google's "red code" warning regarding the future of search tools.

  1. Internet-enabled Search: Unlike ChatGPT, Bard leverages the internet to search for answers to your queries. This capability allows Bard to provide more comprehensive responses by accessing additional information.

  2. Integration with Gmail: Google revealed that Bard will integrate with Gmail, making it easier for users to compose emails for various occasions within the app. In contrast, ChatGPT does not currently integrate with any email applications.

  3. Seamless Export to Google Docs and Gmail: In addition to Gmail integration, Bard allows users to effortlessly export content generated within Gmail and Google Docs. This feature simplifies the process of utilizing created content. With ChatGPT, users can only copy and paste content.

  4. Voice Commands: Similar to most Google applications, Bard allows users to use voice commands to ask questions, which is currently not possible with ChatGPT. Voice commands are particularly useful when multitasking, as you can inquire without the need for typing.

  5. Fresher Data by Connecting to the Web: Bard's internet connectivity enables it to provide you with up-to-date information. In contrast, ChatGPT is limited to activities until September 2021. This makes Bard a superior tool for professionals and students who require the latest information.

  6. Webpage Summaries: An advantage Bard offers through internet connectivity is the ability to summarize webpages quickly by sharing links. ChatGPT, on the other hand, lacks internet connectivity, requiring users to copy and paste the content they want to summarize.

  7. Multilingual Programming Support: Google's Bard supports over 20 programming languages and can explain code by providing links. While ChatGPT can write code proficiently, it cannot explain programs by linking to them.

  8. Related Search Results or Answer Suggestions: In addition to answering your questions, Bard also provides related search results to help you continue your search and offer insights on what to explore further. This is an area where ChatGPT remains behind the scenes.


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