What kind of sex do women like?

2021-10-21 19:13:32
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1. Show softness and gentleness.   
     Not all women want violence. We know you're in the mood. I want to show my masculine instincts to the fullest, but really, while you and her are doing rhythmic activities. The woman wants more softness. Do it slowly, slowly, slowly, her will be destroyed.

2. Don't do the same with your ex.   
 It's not that women always like doggy, The Cowgirl, and so on. You may have used them with your previous women, but don't overthink it. You can ask her if you dare or take a new move. Some damage is not good.

3. Oral sex may not be the answer.   
    Not always women are done with oral sex. Of course she might like it. But that's not to say you want you to finish your mouth. Some people may have concerns about the cleanliness of the vagina. She might not be that emotional. Let's say it's at the sufficiency of both parties.

4. Women's sensitive points are not equal.   
  Women's scallops might be the same. But the level of sensitivity of each person is not the same. Some people are very nervous at this point. But the other one is not nervous at all. during love game Don't assume that she's going to get nervous at the same place you used to. Just look at her behavior or emotions.

5. Try to use every pose like in porn.   
 You and her watch porn together. Try to imitate it like in the movies. It's good. Women can imagine that she herself is the heroine in a porn movie. And you use weird moves. Strange like in that movie, I guarantee that it's very satisfying.


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